Jeremy: Finding New Life

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Jeremy: Finding New Life

The initial mission of the Will Bright Foundation was to bridge the gap between the bubble of a recovery program to being able to live a new life free from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

By opening Restoration Springs we have fulfilled that goal. Our first resident, Jeremy, has been a success in our efforts to do such. Jeremy came to us after being in a recovery program. He was facing some legal issues. Fayette County Circuit Court Judge Sam Junkin heard of Restoration Springs in Fayette, and referred him to us. If Jeremy completed our program, his legal issues would go away.

We are pleased to say Jeremy has completed our program and now has a new life! Not only is Jeremy free from drugs, he has a full time job (the best job he has ever had), purchased a truck, and through our savings program, he also had the funds to put down a deposit on an apartment! All this has been made possible by you, our supporters, through your prayers and financial support. We are so very proud of Jeremy and look forward to many more success stories!


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