It’s Official: The NOPAIN Act Passes!

On December 29th, President Biden signed into legislation the Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation (“NOPAIN”) Act. This groundbreaking legislation attempts to prevent opioid addiction before it starts by increasing

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Addressing the Root in Recovery

“My problem wasn’t alcohol’, he said, “Alcohol was the solution to my problems.” About a year ago, I found myself divorced. Something I never imagined I’d be. Drinking was something

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What’s in your Bucket?

Each Friday night, about thirty people, myself included, gather to share a meal together and what may be on our hearts from the current week. “Addiction and recovery” is the

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Losing a Loved One in Recovery

Many people recovering from substance use disorders, like drug addiction or alcoholism, experience the death of a friend or family member while in recovery. Unfortunately, death and pain can make

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When Children Grieve

Years ago when hosting some teenagers during a fishing tournament, a fourteen year old struggling to understand asked me, “Miss Dana, why did my mother love drugs more than me?”

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