Losing a Loved One in Recovery

Many people recovering from substance use disorders, like drug addiction or alcoholism, experience the death of a friend or family member while in recovery.

Unfortunately, death and pain can make many people question their sobriety and prompt the return of an urge to use drugs or alcohol.

If someone in recovery from addiction loses a loved one, it might be a good time to develop a healthy relationship with God and reach out to a strong and supportive network of peers.

What to do if you need help

If you or a loved one recently lost a friend or family member and may be dependent on drugs or alcohol, reach out for help today.

Multiple support groups exist for people who’ve lost a loved one, if attending a treatment center for addiction isn’t your top choice. However, proper mental health and addiction treatment can help people who are grieving develop the necessary coping skills to build resilience and live life bravely.



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