Whats happening on Capitol Hill

In June 2018 the Will Bright Foundation was invited to speak on Capitol Hill concerning the Opioid Crisis and how it is effecting families.  This opportunity has allowed us to become involved with, and a charter member of Voices for Non-Opioid Choices, a advocacy group dedicated to how we treat pain management.  Through this grass roots movement, we have spoken to numerous Senators and Congressmen on Capitol Hill,  from all over the United States, concerning the Opioid Crisis, addiction, recovery and of course the Will Bright Foundation.  We count this as a blessing and honor to share our story of Will not only as a addict but as our son. Fast forward to March 2020.  The Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation Act (“NOPAIN Act”) a bipartisan piece of legislation, designed to increase patient and provider access to non-opioid approaches to acute pain management, is currently on the U.S. House and Senate floors.  This legislation  will allow patients, undergoing a surgical procedure,  to chose their approach to pain management and minimize the use of opioids.  For more information, follow our “A View from Capitol Hill” blogs.

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