Brandon: Navigating His New Life

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Brandon: Navigating His New Life

Meet Brandon, a resident of Restoration Springs. When Brandon came to us back in April, he was ready to take that next step. Although Brandon had been free from drugs for months, he needed help in navigating through some tough life situations. Brandon, like so many coming out of recovery, had to face the consequences from his actions while in the throws of addiction.

Fast forward 5 months, Brandon now has a career type job, (complete with health insurance and a 401k), his legal issues are a thing of the past and he is about to get his driver’s license reinstated! A whole new life!!

We thank you for your prayers and continued support which allows us, at the Will Bright Foundation, to help break the barriers of recovery from addiction. Please keep all our residents in your prayers as they continue to strive to find the life fully intended for them, free from addiction.


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