Success Stories

Back Home in Fayette…

Meet Jon…
At 15 years of age, Jon started smoking crack cocaine which quickly led to years of drug abuse and finally addiction. Growing up in Fayette, he only saw and experienced one side of the city. The side he knew was dark, lonely and in his mind, somewhere he did not want to live. Numerous recovery centers and years later, Jon found himself at a point where he knew he had to make a serious change. After leaving a recovery center in early 2020, Jon lived under a shed off the the interstate for several days until he could get enough money saved from his job to return to Fayette. Jon heard about Restoration Springs through Unity Baptist Church in Fayette and decided he was ready to take that next step in his life, free from addiction. Fast forward 9 months…Jon is sober, employed full time with Georgia Pacific and is planning on relocating back home in Fayette, where he will experience the side of Fayette he never knew existed. Jon describes Restoration Springs as a “miracle and one blessing after another”. Jon has two children, served our country for 8 years in the Army National Guard and was our first baptism in Lake Kirkley at Restoration Springs. A life restored by the grace of God!


204 Main Street, Suite 130
Trussville AL 35173