Success Stories

A Transformed Life Found…

Meet Seth…as a boy, Seth grew up in Ashford, Alabama.  He had great parents, played sports, graduated from Ashford High School and attended Southern Union Community College, where he studied wild life science and biology.  When Seth’s grandfather died, life seemed to change for him.  He started experimenting with opioids to numb his pain which later led to crystal meth.  The next 9 years were a downward spiral.  In April, 2021, Seth came to Restoration Springs in search of a better life, free from addiction.  By partnering with local manufacturing employers, we were able to help Seth find a job, not just any job, but a job with a future.  After 8 days of being employed, realizing his natural talent and leadership abilities, Seth was promoted to Foreman.  Seth says that “this is the best job I have ever had” and is planning on relocating to the Fayette area!  When asked about how Restoration Springs has helped him in his walk through addiction, he said “it is not like any other place I have been.  If you could pick a place for your last chance, Restoration Springs would be it, cause you never know when its your last chance“.  We give God all the glory for this transformed life and thank you for being a difference maker with your continued prayers and support!


204 Main Street, Suite 130
Trussville AL 35173